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The Writing Process

The construction of computer programs represents an entirely new form of writing. While we must sacrifice much of the linguistic ambiguity found in traditional writing, we still somehow have to create dynamic and flexible processes. In this experimental workshop we will consider our craft from a variety of novel angles - one radical approach we will take is using Clojure as the shared language of understanding. By using an unfamiliar languge we can drive at the essence of our art - the design of processes. But don’t come thinking you’ll learn about the ins and outs of Clojure - in the tradition of The Little Schemer we’ll be using the most minimal subset of the language necessary in order to focus on the process of writing processes.

This workshop is free and seating is limited. Bring your laptop and bring an open mind. The workshop will be extremely discussion oriented and you are expected to lead the conversation just as much as we do. The workshop is designed for intermediate to advanced programmers.