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Functional Me

With the ever growing popularity of JavaScript the term Functional Programming is rapidly becoming a household phrase. But what is Functional Programming exactly? Isn’t it just some mathematical silliness? Doesn’t it abandon the proven principles of Object Orientation? Often our conceptions becomes clearer when we are given the opportunity to compare and contrast via direct manipulation. Thus we’ll explore the ideas behind Functional Programming using Clojure and Light Table.

We’ll end with a simple web application you can run on Heroku.

Prequisites: Intermediate programmer comfortable in at least one mainstream programming language.

About Kitchen Table Coders:

Hi, we’re David, Amit, Ted, Tims & Jeff. We design software & hardware for a living and share a studio in Brooklyn. We’re ever curious about new and old languages, as well as the people who shaped them. Sometimes we teach graduate courses, so we figured why not do informal workshops at our studio with like-minded folk. Every week we host a workshop on a topic we’re passionate about. We keep it down to 6 people because that’s how many fit around our kitchen table. There’s no projector. We just hang out for the day, and enjoy a collaborative learning experience. Check out our previous workshops or more info!

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