A previous workshop

Intermediate OpenFrameworks for iOS

with Amit Pitaru

This session will cover intermediate features of OpenFrameworks for iOS. We’ll examine such things as:

  • Integrating a native UI (sliders/buttons/etc.) with the OpenGL View
  • Using FBOs for off-screen drawing, which can help with performance
  • Techniques for understanding and handling multi-touch events across UIViews

Is this session for me?

  • Basic experience with writing OF desktop apps. We recommend that you come with a few OpenFrameworks projects under your belt.
  • The session assumes you have already successfully got at least one of the OF examples running on your iOS device.
  • A very basic understanding of Objective C is recommended but not required.
  • Please have a developers license from Apple, so we can run the code on your device. Please note that we won’t have time to dive into advanced 3D (Camera, Matrices, Meshes, etc). We’ll defer these subjects to an upcoming advanced session.