A previous workshop

Game Changer, Introduction to Unity2D

with Ramsey Nasser


The popular Unity3D engine has recently added native support for 2D graphics, which has the potential to turn the world of 2D games upside down. You no longer have to create 3D models or manage a 3D world to use this powerful tool. Exciting 2D games for web, desktop, or mobile platforms are easier to make than ever without sacrificing Unity’s incredible workflow. Anyone interested in developing these kinds of games should become familiar with it.

This four hour workshop will cover the basics of Unity and focus on its new 2D features. Towards the end of the workshop, we’ll build a simple game together.

  • Basics of Unity
  • Differences with Unity3D
  • Importing Assets
  • Animation Curves
  • Animation with Sprite Sheets
  • Animation States
  • Layers
  • Physics
  • Cameras
  • Particle Systems


Familiarity with some kind of programming language is a must, experience with Unity 3D is preferred.

Please be sure to have the latest version of Unity installed