A previous workshop

Introduction to Unity3d

with Jeff Crouse

Unity3D is a high performance game engine that supports tons of platforms, including MacOS, Windows, iOS, Android, web plugin, PS3, XBox, and Wii.  It also features the PhysX physics engine, a full animation system, FMOD for spatialized audio, and a pretty nice asset market, too!  All wrapped in an easy to use interface.

This 4 hour workshop will cover the following:

  1. Creating basic GameObjects
  2. Prefabs
  3. Using the built in physics engine (RigidBody, Colliders)
  4. Importing 3D models and other assets
  5. Basic scripting using both JavaScript and C#
  6. Animating using the Animation interface
  7. Particle systems
  8. 3D Audio effects
  9. Camera effects, Skyboxes, Lighting
  10. Character Controller

Unity is a commercial game engine, but there is a free version available with most of the features of the commercial version. If you'd like to participate, I recommend downloading and installing before coming to the workshop.


For the scripting section of the workshop, you should have some familiarity with some kind of programming language.