A previous workshop

Building Automated Twitter Accounts

with Ramsey Nasser


everyword is tweeting the entire english language, one word at a time, every 30 minutes. greatartbot is tweeting a new piece of digital art, four times a day. 555uhz is tweeting the film Top Gun in screenshots, one second at a time, every 30 minutes.

Twitter is full of accounts that are operated by robots rather than human beings.

Building bots is a heap of fun, and surprisingly simple! Once you get the hang of it, a new bot can be built from scratch in a matter of hours. This workshop is aimed at people with no experience maintaining a web server or writing code, and by the end everyone will have a working Twitter bot.

You will learn to

  • Set up and configure your own Linux server on Linode
  • Securely log into your server to make modifications
  • Use the Linux terminal
  • Register your bot with Twitter
  • Implement your bot in Ruby (no previous Ruby experience necessary)
  • Set your bot on a schedule using cron