A previous workshop

The Immutable Stack

with David Nolen and Kovas Boguta

Kitchen Table Coders are excited to announce “The Immutable Stack”, a full day of training on Clojure, Datomic, ClojureScript, and Om. We believe the immutable stack is a game changer for architecting robust, modern applications.

The goal of the class is to give students hands-on experience building a real end-to-end immutable app, and to have them leave prepared to exercise those skills in the wild. With this training, we aim to replicate the same small hands-on experience that is a signature of our workshops while at the same time going much, much further in depth.

Only a basic understanding of Clojure is required.

The following is a rough outline of the material we expect to cover:


The Database: Datomic

Datomic Datalog
Deployment The API: Ring / Jetty Middleware
Live development


Developing ClojureScript Apps

Google Closure
lein-cljsbuild configuration
Source maps & debugging Applicaion State: UI as EDN Introduction to Om
Reusable components
Undo / Redo and Time Travel
Client / Server synchronization