An upcoming workshop

ClojureScript Master Class

with David Nolen

Feel confident building a ClojureScript Single Page Application, but still wondering how all of this works behind the scenes? This workshop will cover a wide variety of advanced ClojureScript topics designed to significantly level up your expertise. In the end, ClojureScript is just another Clojure library and this course is intended to demystify its inner workings. By the end of the workshop, attendees will have enough knowledge to not only make meaningful contributions back to the ClojureScript open source project, but also leverage a host of advanced tips and tricks to simplify and streamline the development process in existing ClojureScript projects.

The curriculum will include an in-depth exploration of ClojureScript compilation from ClojureScript source to the generated JavaScript output. We’ll then turn our attention to the Google Closure Compiler and examine in detail advanced compilation, code splitting, and JavaScript module processing. Finally, we’ll dive into the ClojureScript REPL infrastructure and see how to bend it to our will to simplify and streamline the development process.

This course is tailored for the experienced Clojure or ClojureScript developer looking for advanced material with a pragmatic focus.

18 Aug 2018
Brooklyn, NY
Standard - $800
Please contact us for corporate accounts.