Introducing Code Salon

KTC Code Salon is a new Brooklyn Meetup curated by David Nolen to fill a gap in the NYC developer meetup scene. Hosted each month at the Kitchen Table Coders studio in Brooklyn, imagine your favorite speakers from your favorite conferences speaking to an intimate audience in a relaxed setting: programming languages, distributed systems, databases, computer graphics, machine learning, hardware hacking, game design, you name it. That’s Code Salon.

Presentations will always be limited to 40 minutes, same as a conference. The remainder of the time is open for the type of discussion that we find so invigorating in the hallways of conferences (without the $2000 ticket/travel/hotel price tag).

The $15 admission covers space, beer, and decreases the likelihood of flaking attendees. In return, the talks are guaranteed to be of the highest caliber from some of the most interesting technology speakers from around the world. Occasionally the cost of admission may be more or less depending on the speaker, but it will always be reasonable.

We’ll be announcing our first set of speakers in the next week or so.

Stay tuned.